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Zymolo Inc.

Probiotic Certificate (PbC)

To have certified probiotic for consumers to expand their market, our PbC provides professional testing results for certified probiotic products. Products with PbC certificates mean that they are manufactured, handled, tested, stored, shipped, and treated in a consistent manner. PbC certificate also ensures that product labels are clear, accurate, and compliant with regulatory standards. Contact our team to learn PbC program in details.

What's the Microbiome?


The millions of beneficial microbes including bacteria, fungi and viruses that make up the human microbiome contribute to both health and disease. Antibiotics without selectivity may destroy the beneficial microbes in the human microbiome that helps fight pathogens and maintain homeostasis of microbiome.

Probiotic metabolites

Probiotic bacteria generate various metabolites which can be modified as novel compounds as drugs or ingredients of foods and cosmetics. Probiotic metabolites include short-chain fatty acids, ethanol, proteins/peptides, DNA/RNA, and other small molecules.

Zymolo Inc. assists our clients to identify probiotic metabolites and test their biological functions in vitro, in animals and/or in clinical studies.



Probiotics are living, beneficial microorganisms that, when ingested in certain quantities, confer significant health benefits such as promoting digestive system or skin health. Probiotic can benefit humans, animals, and even environment in our earth.   

Zymolo Inc. grows various probiotic bacteria which can be used to produce fermented foods, skin cares and probiotic/endophytic plants. We provide a complete range of probiotics tailored to our clients’ needs.

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